We Don’t Rely on Luck

We Believe in Hard Work

We are Bluejack Partners

Built on a Foundation of Excellence

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We are a partnership of operational and financial professionals investing in companies with potential. We have decades of experience creating sustainable businesses and oftentimes, that experience allows us to see potential where others don’t. We have a knack for spotting special people, well-run operations and market opportunities.

For Those Who Expect Results

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Our culture is all-listen and the facets of our method hold to that. We listen and we learn before we contribute. Our partners want to hear the story behind the business. We want to hear about what’s been tried before and how it worked out. Tell us your war stories. We’ll tell you some of ours.

Opportunity Meets Experience

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There are firms that define their interests in terms of EBITDA and Enterprise Values. We are looking for opportunities to put our experience to work. We don’t necessarily rely on luck, but we do believe in opportunity and hard work.