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Aerospace Components Manufacturer

An investment in an aerospace components manufacturer was made to facilitate the exit of ownership. The manufacturer produced parts largely for aerospace and defense contractors from light metals and other materials. The transaction allowed for the generational transfer of wealth to the owners children, one of whom continued to work in the business after close.

Downstream & Industrial Steel Fabricating Company

Seeing opportunity in a family business with decades of operational excellence, investments were made in a Gulf Coast industrial structural steel fabricator. Multiple facilities were rationalized and shop layouts optimized to realize more capacity from less space. An outside sales team was created and sales management systems were professionalized, resulting in a successful and sustainable enterprise.

Oklahoma Oil & Gas Properties

Bluejack principals invested in and operated a successful Oklahoma Oil & Gas property, securing additional investment from a major energy producer. The asset was sold in eighteen months to a large, independent onshore US operator.

Offshore Pressure Pumping Startup

A startup oilfield service company was founded to fill the need for technical pumping services that catered to the emerging independent operators in the Gulf of Mexico. The company was sold in four years to a major, integrated service company.

Oil & Gas Manufacturing Facility

An oil & gas manufacturing and assembly facility was purchased by the principals of Bluejack to facilitate the desire of the owners to exit the business. The facility, based in Houston, provides subsea and wellhead equipment parts to major energy service providers.

Oil & Gas Manufacturing and Assembly Facility

An investment in an oil & gas manufacturing and assembly facility was made by Bluejack principals to assist with working capital and the general growth of the business. The business primarily focused on manufacturing MWD and LWD parts for major oil and gas service providers.

Upstream Flexible Pipeline Manufacturing Carve-Out

A startup product line, purchased from a major offshore umbilical manufacturer, was developed into a leader in the flexible pipeline space. By reimagining the potential of the product and focusing a talented team on that new vision, the company grew ten-fold in three years and is now an integrated manufacturer and service company.

Upstream, Midstream and Industrial Hydro-Excavation Startup

A startup oilfield service company was founded to fill the need for a professional approach to hydro-excavation in the Gulf Coast operating region. Focused on using hydro power to safely expose field lines in hazardous conditions, the company quickly earned a reputation as one of the most efficient companies in the space. In its second year the company expanded into the Eagle Ford, the Permian and the Niobrara basins.